Rancilio Classe 9 USB Commercial Espresso Machine


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The best base model automatic in Rancilio’s lineup, the Classe 9 USB offers a full suite of barista-centric features in an attractive, stainless-clad package. The Classe 9 USB’s big call outs from its Classe bretheren? Boiler insulation, a cold water mixing valve for temp controlled tea, stainless steel side panels, barista lights and chromed out group covers. You’ll also get Rancilio’s commercial heat exchanger design, a fully automatic control cluster (complete with backflush programming), and a screen that gives easy access to shot counts and other metrics.



Features and Functionality
Automatic Control Cluster – Volumetric programming improves workflow and helps to eliminate a variable when dialing in.
Insulated Boiler – A wrapped boiler offers better heat consistency and power management.
Hot Water Mixing Valve – Program both temperature and volume for Tea or Americanos.
C-Lever – Transverse-mounted, featherable control over steam saves wrists for all-day shifts.
Easy Brewing – The combo of automation and easy technical servicing positions this machine in the sweet spot for most coffee shops.
Barista Beauty – Your barista team will love the Classe 9 just as much with its ergonomic control setup and volumetric dosing.
Covered In Chrome – The stainless steel sides and polished chrome group covers give the Classe 9 USB a cleaner, higher-end look than others in the USB line.
Big Face – The Classe 9 moves away from the 5 and 7’s slimmer button stance to a bigger more plastic style that some may not like.
Height 21 inches
Width 2 Group: 30 inches | 3 Group: 40 inches | 4 Group: 49 inches
Depth 22 inches
Watts 6000 W
Volts 220V
Boiler Volume 2 Group: 11 L | 3 Group: 16 L | 4 Group: 22 L


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