Rancilio Classe 5 S Commercial Espresso Machine


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Would you rather drive an automatic, or a manual? The Rancilio Classe 5 S takes the same boiler and element layout of the Classe 5 USB, and puts you in the driver’s seat with full semi-automatic controls and a manual hot water control knob. You benefit from the same quick heat, quick recovery design and futuristic casing, with a pared down control cluster so that even brand new brewers know exactly how to pull a shot.

Features and Functionality

  • Big Element, Tiny Boiler – This powerful design means you’ll come up to temp quick, and recover quicker for busy days at the bar.
  • Baristanomics – Work-saving design features like an ergonomically curved portafilter, C-Lever steam knob, and removable grid system make the Classe 5 S an easy-going appliance.
  • Manual Brew, Hot Water – Simple start/stop brew buttons and manual steam and hot water knobs are intuitive and dead simple to use and maintain.
  • Small Footprint – The Classe 5 is perfect for a small space or mobile cafe—especially the single group.
  • Simplicity – The parsed down control structure lends itself to clean, simple stations and attentive baristas.
  • Quick Recovery – You’ll be able to meet the demands of a busy day easily with the boiler’s outsized elements.
  • No Mixing Valve – Messy, superheated hot water straight from the steam boiler.
  • No Room to Grow – a semi-automatic setup is more than enough to get you started, but the convenience of a full auto commercial machine can free up a lot of workflow time when your slammed on a Sunday morning.
Height 21 inches
Width 1 Group: 16 inches | 2 Group Compact: 24 inches | 2 Group: 31 inches | 3 Group: 40 inches
Depth 22 inches
Watts 1 Group: 1600W | 2 Group Compact: 2700W/3000W | 2 Group: 4300W | 3 Group: 6000W
Volts 1 Group: 110V | 2 Group Compact: 110/220V | 2 Group: 220V | 3 Group: 220V
Boiler Volume 1 Group: 4 L | 2 Group Compact: 5 L | 2 Group: 11 L | 3 Group: 16 L


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